Our Services

  • Design, install and support business IT systems
Butler Technology will design and implement your IT system.  From servers to printers, desktops to imaging systems, we will work with you to up-fit your business with appropriate level of IT infrastructure.
  • Hardware & Software Procurement
Butler Technology will take the mystery and stress out of IT procurement. We work with you to decide what you need and the cost implication. After the purchase we install, train, and support your organization.
  • Preventative Maintenance
Butler Technology provides cost effective methods to maximize system reliability. In addition to remotely monitoring your system for essential services (e.g. e-mail, ftp, data availability) in real-time we will provide periodic inspections of your whole IT system to minimize potential costly down-time for your business.
  • Information Security, Firewalls, Spyware, SPAM, and Virus protection
A daunting area we help you manage by considering overall business risk, operational needs, and security cost. Butler Technology can help you evaluate your risk and how best to protect yourself and your business. We can help implement encryption of important data, secure transmission of sensitive information, state-of- the-art SPAM and virus protection, and limited forensic analysis of system use. Most importantly we can help you assess what technology is right for you.
  • Remote Access
Depending on you and your staff needs Butler Technology offers a variety of ways to gain secure remote access to you system by folks travelling or working from home. These include VPN, RDP and Terminal Services, and variety of flavors of email.
  • Virtualization
Virtualization software allows a single host computer to create and run one or more virtual computer environments. This technology enables Butler Technology to get the most out of your hardware, saving you administration and equipment costs while reducing energy consumption.
  • Remote Network Monitoring
Butler Technology monitors your network and essential computers remotely. Our specialty system allows us to constantly monitor your network infrastructure and to receive notifications should there be a problem detected. Your down-time will be minimized by making sure that if a problem is detected, you are made aware of the issue for immediate correction thereby reducing your costs due to inevitable network problems.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
Butler Technology equips your business for the right level of protection from equipment failure and physical site disasters. We'll make sure your existing system provides adequate backup. If appropriate, we host secure space for your remote backup data have a system to monitor the daily efficacy of your backup.
  • Wireless Technology
Butler Technology will design, install, and support your wireless infrastructure from a simple wireless access point to commercial-grade public Wi-Fi, to a fully-wireless business campus with multiple locations and disparate security needs.
  • Technology Training / Assistance
We incorporate training into all of our services. The more you ‘know how’, the better the job we have done for you. Training and assistance is often short and sweet. However, for those complex in-depth topics we are fortunate to have a MS certified trainer on staff.
  • Software
Software platforms are often the fundamental cornerstone to your business’ success. We provide support and manage technical vendor support for all software platforms, their maintenance, upgrades and patches.
  • Database Design and Maintenance
Butler Technology is ready to provide full database services. We'll analyze your business process so we can provide the best database solution to fit your needs. Got an existing database? We'll help revamp it and add functionality to improve your workflow. BT also hosts databases so you don't have to worry about backup or uptime.