About Us

We are staffed with trained professionals to assist you when you need it most.

Bob Butler - Butler Technology - Vermont Information Technology Bob Butler (MS) - 10 years owner and president of Butler Technology. Bob has been doing IT support for over 25 years since his days as an environmental engineer. He worked as systems administrator for Banknorth before opening Butler Technology. Bob is active in the community and serves on the local Select board and is a board member and officer to the regional public transit authority. He mountain bikes, plays hockey (poorly) and skis in his spare time.
Ben Sawyer - Butler Technology - Vermont Information Technology Ben Sawyer - Ben recently joined BT in the Fall of 2010 after having worked with us as a consultant.  Ben previously worked for TD Banknorth as an operations analyst.  He was responsible for the item processing systems that handled over $120 million in daily transactions.  Ben enjoys golfing, skiing, dancing, and biking in his spare time.

Tom Burl (MS) - Tom has been working with Butler Technology for 3 years.  He is Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Trainer as well as lecturer at SUNY Plattsburgh.  Tom enjoys golf. 

  Fritz Laporte - Fritz has been working with Butler Technology for 3 years as the bookkeeper.  Fritz is responsible for business management.  Fritz loves to play hockey and collect pets.